Graduation Pledge 2017



A student signing the GPA during commencement 2016. (Photo courtesy of Knox College Flickr)

It’s that time of year once again, time for all the hard work of another group of Knox students to finally pay off. This next week is going to be filled with lots of hugs and lots of tears as the senior class of 2017 celebrates their last week at Knox before graduation on June 4th. Each individual is headed on a different path and the grads are getting ready to make their post-Knox debut into the world. There’s no need for concern about these grads forgetting their sustainability roots however, because 236 (and counting) have already signed the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility!

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There Is No Away: How to Be Part of 2017’s Waste Free Move Out



Unfortunately when it comes to disposing of unwanted items the American way of thinking is to just throw it away; this simplifies to “out of sight and out of mind.” But every good environmentalist knows is there is no away when it comes to trash. This is an important thing to remember as you start packing up your things for the summer. It’s always rather bewildering at the end of the school year to look around your room and see all the random things that you have accumulated. It’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t be packing up every individual item you own to take back with you. That’s where the Sustainability Office can help. Here are the answers to all the questions you might be having about how to contribute to a sustainable campus move out!

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Restorative Nature on Campus



Knox Students enjoying a sunny day in a tree. (Image courtesy of Knox College Flickr)

Flunk Day has passed, deadlines are getting closer, the lure of summer is deafening- getting through the last couple weeks of Spring term can be stressful. On top of that, most time is spent indoors studying and in class. On average, Americans spend 93% of their time either indoors or in an enclosed vehicle, no wonder we’re so stressed (Green, 2016). Fortunately, there are ways to help. You don’t need a day at the spa to restore you to a calm and healthy state of mind, you don’t even need an entire forest, all you need to do is to walk out your door! Psychologists agree that the restorative effects of nature are many including reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress causing hormones (Larson, 2016). Here are 5 ways to restore your mind and body with nature, without even leaving Knox!

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5 Earth Friendly Summer Activities


When on campus it is easy to get involved with sustainability. There are ample opportunities to take eco-centered classes, volunteer at the farm, and partake in sustainable club events. When you have a whole summer free however, it is easy to let sustainability fall by the wayside. Here are 5 activities you can partake in during your summer that will help keep you in the environmental mindset!

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