Herbs, Leo, Fashion Shows and more: Earth Month fun continues!

Earth Month Logo 2017

This month has been jam packed with environmentally themed events to help celebrate Earth Month! Week one started off with a terrarium workshop that brought in almost 70 people! This was shortly followed by a non-traditional recycling drive that helped raise awareness of the many different types of items that  Knox recycles in addition to the regular recycling stream, as well as the locations for non-traditional recycling across campus. If you want more information on non-traditional recycling at Knox, check out last week’s blog post.

Week two was packed with even more fun events! In case you missed any of the action, here’s a recap of the recent Earth Month Events over the last ten days:


Herb Planting Workshop

Herb Planting

Two students holding freshly sewn pots of sage and cilantro at the Herb Planting workshop. (Image courtesy of Hannah McCullough)

On April 10th Students for Sustainability hosted an herb planting workshop in Wilson House where more than 50 people were able to take home freshly planted herbs! At the workshop the attendees learned a little bit about the benefits of planting your own herbs as well as the planting techniques specific to each variety of plant. The types of seeds included basil, cilantro, sage, lavender, rosemary, mint, chamomile, and chives. Enough time has gone by that by now the attendees should be seeing little shoots starting in their pots!


“Before the Flood” Screening


It was a packed house last Wednesday as the audience enjoyed some popcorn and some Leo at the “Before the Flood” screening. (Image courtesy of Hannah McCullough).

On April 12th the Office for Sustainability hosted a free screening of the film “Before the Flood” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition to free popcorn, the audience was able to learn about all the impacts that climate change has to our world’s ecosystems and coastal communities. The film didn’t end on a negative note however, the overall theme of “Before the Flood” was that there is still time to make a difference, it’s simply more vital to act now than ever before.


Share Shop Fashion Show


The fabulous models showing off their unique looks at the end of the show. (Image courtesy of Debbie Steinberg)

On Friday, April 14th the Taylor Lounge was transformed into a runway! A small fabulous portion of the Share Shop’s clothing inventory was temporarily moved to the front lobby of Taylor Lounge where audience members, models, and any passerby was able to shop from the “Spring Collection”! Once the show started, eight stylish models took turns to walk down the runway and show off their unique ensembles. All the while prestigious emcees (Debbie Steinberg and Eric Johnson) spun stories describing the outfits and the  model’s unique quirks. A fun time was had by all and it was a great way to advertise the Share Shop, one of Knox’s most sustainable shopping destinations!

Earth Month Faculty Research Spotlight

On Monday the 17th three Knox professors shared with the campus some of their individual research projects. Professor Ben Farrer began the presentations by sharing his work on “Environmental Sabotage” an in depth look at the correlation between the Green Party failing to win seats in elections and environmental sabotage becoming more frequent as a result. He discussed with the audience the implications of this both for democracy and environmentalism alike. Professor Stuart Allison spoke next and discussed the difficulties of ecological restoration in a time of rapid climate change. He discussed his work at Green Oaks and the individual challenges that go into maintaining a prairie ecosystem when the climate keeps pushing it in a different direction. Professor Jennifer Templeton was the last of these intriguing research projects, and shared with the audience her research with zebra finches on cultural transmission of predator recognition. Her work explored an applied approach to reintroduction programs where endangered species are released back into the wild but cannot recognize or respond appropriately to predators. All who attended the research presentations left with more knowledge than before and members of Students for Sustainability were all very grateful that the presenters shared their hard and distinguished work to the campus as the Earth Day faculty spotlight.


The events so far this month have been very successful in getting the Knox community involved with the sustainability mindset thanks to hands-on workshops, fun events, and educational components. We are just over half way through Earth Month and just days away from the Earth Day Festival. We hope to see you there!  Stay tuned for more Earth Month updates in the next couple weeks!

Tina Hope.jpg

There’s still room to sign up for Tina Hope’s “Medicinal Herbs” workshop next week! Email Hannah McCullough at: hemccullough@knox.edu to sign up before all the spots are filled!


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