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Thanks to the hard work of Sofia Tagkaloglou, Coral Weinstock (the Knox Farm Crew), and the help of many volunteers, 2016 proved a great year for the Knox Farm.  Altogether the farm produced more than 2,400 pounds of fresh produce! The change of the seasons brings a brand new growing season for the Knox Farm.  There are quite a few updates from the high tunnels, here’s the latest from the farm:

High Tunnel Repairs


Towards the end of spring break Galesburg was hit by a pretty intense storm. The high tunnel walls are constructed of greenhouse film, a thin plastic, that allows in plentiful light and are actually quite strong when it comes to withstanding high winds and rain. This storm brought more than that however; golf ball sized hail wreaked havoc and damaged property through the town. The high tunnels were one of the victims of this storm, left with several lacerations and holes in sides of the tunnel walls. Luckily most of the damage has been repaired thanks to a day of hard work with the help of a cherry picker, special repair tape, and several volunteers.


First Plantings


Knox Farm volunteers plant the first kale of the season. (Image courtesy of the Knox Farm Facebook page.)

Now that volunteer hours have started up again and the tunnel walls are back in good shape, there have been some new plantings in the tunnels! Some of the first seedlings to be put in the soil include three types of organic kale- curly, red russian, and scarlett. Before long there will be yummy fresh veggies to be eaten up in the caf!


Urban Ag Additions

In addition to plantings in the high tunnels, there has also been some work in the outside garden as well. Spring term’s Urban Ag class has been able to get a head start on planting some seeds. The class was out working in the rain on Thursday March 30th to sew the seeds of some turnips, beets, and mustard.


There are many plans underway for a fresh bountiful season on the farm, stay up to date on the latest happenings by following the Knox Farm on Facebook and on Instagram. If you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty be sure to help out during volunteer hours Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6pm!

The Knox Farm Facebook

The Knox Farm Instagram


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