Sustainable Clubs on Campus


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When it comes to sustainability initiatives and opportunities on campus, the Prairie Fire community is not too shabby! We have an entire month dedicated to celebrating the Earth, the Knox Farm gives ample opportunities for students to help things grow, we have two LEED certified buildings, a bike share program, a solid investment in renewable energy, an entire shop dedicated to keeping things out of the landfill, and the list could go on! Sustainability goes further than this however, Knox has many sustainable clubs that are worth checking out too!

Bee Club


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An up and coming club on campus is the Knox Bee Club! The club was formed less than a year ago and has gained quite a bit of interest with students. During meetings, the club discusses different bee-keeping techniques and topics as well as how to institutionalize the bees on campus. Overall the club focuses on learning all there is to know about bees and beekeeping so Knox can, one day, have its very own hives! Bee Club hopes to provide more information to campus about the benefits of bees as well as educate about Colony Collapse Disorder.

Meeting Time: Saturday’s at 5pm in Eco-House

President: Jordan Micus


Garden Club


Garden club sets up a sign to educate the campus about a monarch waystation planted in the spring of 2016. (Image courtesy of Knox College Flickr.)

Garden Club helps promote biodiversity on campus by helping creating things such as Monarch Waystations to provide habitat for pollinators on their travels. In addition to this, the club has interest in reducing the amount of mown space into more wild zones, such as the prairie plot near the tennis courts. Members of Knox Garden Club in the past have volunteered at the Knox Farm as well as raised awareness about buying food from local and sustainable sources. Future goals of the club are to plant more fruit bearing trees as well as more edible perennials. The overall hope for the club is that the Knox community sees the campus grounds landscape with an ecological perspective, rather than having small plots around campus that need to be initiated and maintained by the students.  

Meeting Times: Inquire about meeting times with the president.

President: David Petrak


Students for Sustainability


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Formerly known as K.A.R.E.S (Knox Advocates for Recycling and Environmental Sustainability), this sustainability club has been a presence on campus for over twenty years. Students for Sustainability (S4S) is responsible for the Share Shop, the campus reallocation station for gently used clothing and other belongings which helps promote the ideas of reducing, and reusing on campus. In addition to this, S4S also hosts sustainability related workshops and environmental documentary screenings throughout the year. The biggest accomplishment of the club, however, is their annual celebration of Earth Month. S4S organizes workshops (often with the help of other clubs) such as terrarium making, soap making, micro-greens planting and more. Earth Month also brings in local speakers to talk about different eco-related topics throughout the month. The biggest part, however, is the celebration of Earth Day towards the end of the month where many different clubs on campus join on the lawn outside of the Gizmo to celebrate the planet with music, games, art and more!

Meeting Time: Mondays at 8pm in the HRC

Co-Presidents: Hannah McCullough and Alexis Steffen


Bike Club


A Knox student uses the blender bike to make a smoothie during the Earth Day Festival. (Image courtesy of Knox College Flickr). 

Knox Bike Club is very influential in promoting  sustainability through the use of bikes as a means of transportation on campus. Aside from helping repair bikes in the Bike Shop located underneath Old Jail, Bike Club has many ties to the campus community such as hosting frequent bike excursions when the weather is permissible. In addition to this, in the past the club has held workshops on how to properly maintain and repair a bike. In Spring of 2016 the club brought in a certified bike mechanic from Iowa to help train people who were interested in maintaining their bikes or applying to be a bike mechanic themselves. During the Earth Day Festival, Bike Club in the past has had a table where people were able to create smoothies with bike blenders as well as play bike related games for prizes. When asked what some goals for the club are in the future, president Rafael Cho replied “we hope to get roofs for the bike racks on campus to shelter the bikes stored underneath them from the weather because it can be a hassle for most people to fit a bike within a dorm room.”

Meeting Time: Changes somewhat frequently, ask president Rafael Cho for more information

President: Rafael Cho


Food Recovery Network


FRN volunteer helping on a delivery to Rescue Mission. (Image courtesy of Hannah McCullough.)

Knox Food Recovery Network is little over a year old now, but just because their time as a club hasn’t been for very long doesn’t mean they haven’t been making a difference! Each day (Monday-Friday) FRN volunteers pack food from the Hard Knox cafeteria and then take it to local places in need in the Galesburg community. The food packed consists of freshly prepared meals that simply never make it to the buffet line. Since the club officially started last winter, they have recorded saving over 16,000 pounds of recovered food. In addition to food recovery, FRN also works on awareness campaigns about food waste on campus through their Weigh the Waste programs in the cafeteria, as well as co-hosting the screening of the documentary Just Eat It with K.A.R.E.S in the spring of 2016.

Meeting Time: Wednesday’s at 7pm in Alumni Hall room 219

President: Karen Caballero


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