Winterize Yourself


Gizmo Patio during the winter. (Image courtesy of Knox College Flickr.)

A couple weeks back we talked about how winterizing your living space is an important part of saving energy during the cold season, but something equally important is winterizing yourself. If your hometown doesn’t often dip below freezing or you know that the usual 68 degrees (the temperature that most indoor heating is set) is too low for you, knowing how to keep your body’s core temperature warm is the key! Living comfortably indoors during extreme cold used to require no thought, it was simply the way of life. Now with centralized heating and air, we as a society find it easier to simply push a button on a thermostat and viola! We magically change the temperature. Knowing how to keep a comfortable body temperature is essential for saving energy and living sustainably as the temperature changes throughout the year. Here are a few ways you can winterize yourself and stay comfortable (and sustainable) for the rest of the season.

Fabric Choices


Warm cozy sweater are a must! (Image courtesy of Google Images.)

As much as we hate to admit it, winter is here. Instead of holding on to our sundresses and light linen pants, we need to store those away in bottom drawer and take out the winter wardrobe and dress for the season. Long sleeves is the first step. Then think cashmere and wool sweaters or tweed and corduroy blazers. If you love you wear skirts and dresses all year, invest in a pair of fleece lined tights and tall, (faux) fur-lined boots.


Finger-less gloves


Try wearing finger-less gloves while you study! (Image courtesy of Google Images.)


One of the most important things to remember when maintaining your core temperature is to warm your extremities!Wearing regular gloves (or mittens) would make every task more difficult. Wearing fingerless gloves while working, reading a book, or simply doing chores around the house, however, can help your extremities stay warm without sacrificing mobility!


Warm Slippers/Socks


Sometimes all it takes to warm up your whole body is some nice cozy footwear. If you don’t have some already, consider investing in thermal socks. They aren’t only great if you are outside in the winter elements, but they are excellent insulators for bopping around indoors too! And who can pass up the opportunity to wear some fuzzy bunny slippers?


The Lap Blanket


Small lap blankets give warmth without confinement. (Image courtesy of Google Images.)

The idea of a small blanket that basically just covers your lap might conjure up images of someone’s grandma, but grandparent’s are wise and this really works! Simply drape a warm fabric across your lap when you’re sitting in a cool space and you’ll stay surprisingly warm. This gives you the mobility that a full size blanket draped around you may not provide while still keeping you toasty. And if you’re feeling crafty or want to learn how to knit / crochet,  lap blanket is an easy first project to try (and it keeps you warm as you are making it).

Stay Fit

Side view of a woman doing sit ups on the floor --- Image by © 68/Ocean/Corbis

There are many indoor exercises that you can do to keep your blood flowing! (Image courtesy of © 68/Ocean/Corbis)

There are many indoor exercises that you can do that will immediately warm you up! (Image courtesy of google images)


Getting to the gym in the cold months, or having opportunities for outdoor exercise is a challenge. Yet staying active is a sure fire way of keeping warm! Simply doing a few jumping jacks after sitting on the couch for awhile or doing lunges on the way to the kitchen will keep your blood flowing and keep you nice and toasty.


Layers Layers Layers


You don’t have to look as grumpy as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, but layering will definitely fight the chill! (Image courtesy of Google Images.)


The idea of wearing your winter coat while sitting on your couch watching a movie doesn’t seem like a very comfortable solution, but layering in other ways sure is! If you don’t already own a pair of long underwear, they are a great investment. Put on a sweater or wear a t-shirt or tank top under your long sleeve shirt. You can layer those babies up and you’ll be snug as a bug.

Some other ways to winterize yourself might include keeping a thermos full of a warm beverage by your side, wearing a scarf (both fashionable and warm!), investing in some hand/feet warmers, and cuddling! We hope these ideas help to better keep you warm!


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