How to Take Advantage of Knox’s AASHE Membership


There are many benefits that go with being an active advocate for sustainability at Knox; help build a rain garden, work on the Knox Farm, find great swag at the Share Shop, partake in eco workshops all month long for Earth Month in April, attend the yearly Bioneers conference — the list goes on! Students, faculty, and staff are constantly coming up with ideas to expand our sustainability efforts on campus, ranging from MAD (Make a Difference) projects in the Intro to Environmental Studies class, research projects, club workshops, or individuals simply having big green goals they want to make into realities. As exciting as these projects are, getting them up and going is often a daunting endeavor. That’s where the benefits of Knox being a member of AASHE come in.

AASHE stands for “The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education”, which is a non-profit organization that proves to be a great resource for Knox community members to use to start up sustainability projects. Knox’s membership in AASHE provides access to the Knox Community (anyone with a email address) to online resources and opportunities for networking, information sharing, collaboration, and more.

One benefit is the Campus Sustainability Hub. This hub allows access to toolkits and resource collections from other campuses covering many different sustainability topics. For example, say you want to start a solar panel project but don’t know where to start, this hub has examples of other campuses who have done that very thing and details on how they succeeded in doing so!

Campus Sustainability Hub

In addition to the “hub” AASHE members can also submit news, opportunities, resources, events, and job postings to the AASHE Bulletin (which has over 9,000 subscribers in the campus sustainability community). If you want to become even more connected with other sustainable campus news, you can subscribe to AASHE’s “Campus Sustainability Perspectives” blog which features opinions and reports by staff and guests related to campus sustainability. In addition to just reading the blog, you can comment on posts and request to submit your own items as a guest blogger. 


Starting sustainability projects at Knox doesn’t need to be a scary endeavour! By utilizing our AASHE membership benefits we can get new projects up and running in no time. To access member-only pages on AASHE’s website and take advantage of member benefits, all you need to do is create your own free account. To create an individual account, go to the register page (linked below) and complete a user profile using your Knox email address. After you receive an email with your password, go to the login page, enter your email address (username) and new password, and you will have access to the entirety of the online resources! You can make your project goal a reality, for when it comes to sustainability “to those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part.” -Aldo Leopold

AASHE Registry


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