Winterize Your Living Space

There are a lot of changes that go along with winter term; new classes, a change in schedule, and it gets darker earlier in the day.  With all these adjustments comes the biggest of all- a change in the weather! Staying warm at college can often be a challenge. Not being able to adjust the thermostat and enduring chilling drafts from windows makes living in the dorms pretty cool- and not in the good way. If you are living off campus you might be thinking of ways to stay sustainable and frugal and maybe have considered turning down the heat. Whether it’s staying warm in your dorm or in your off campus home, here are a few eco-friendly ways to winterize your living space while at Knox!

Add a Fuzzy Rug

Image result for tshirt rug

This rug was made using recycled t-shirts! (Image courtesy of

Never underestimate the value of a fuzzy rug. Waking up in the morning only to have your feet hit a cold tile or wood floor will give you even more reason to want to climb back under the covers, a fuzzy rug can solve that problem! There are a few rugs that you might be able to find in the Share Shop, and if you have some time on your hands you can make one yourself out of recycled t-shirts. This website gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one yourself:

Hot Water Bottle 

Image result for hot water bottle

Hot water bottle for your feet or for your bed. (Image courtesy of google images)

An old fashioned trick that is tried and true is the hot water bottle under the covers. Some are microwavable which ensure that you won’t waste water to stay warm!

Shrinkable Plastic Window Insulation

Image result for shrinkable plastic window insulation

Clear shrink film for windows reduces drafts, effectively keeping you warm and saving energy! (Image courtesy of

Quite a bit of energy is lost due to poorly insulated doors and windows. If you have a window that leaks icy air into your room you might want to consider buying a clear shrink film window kit. They can usually be purchased for under $10 online, or at a hardware store. If you want to block out the cold without spending any money, you can also use bubble wrap and packing tape to tape off the window. You can find bubble wrap in the mail room and won’t cost you a dime!

Hang a Tapestry/Sheet From the Ceiling

Image result for tapestry hanging from ceiling

A tapestry hanging from the ceiling, both fashionable and heat trapping! (Image courtesy of google images)

A bit of an unorthodox yet surprisingly effective solution for room insulation is hanging a tapestry or sheet from the ceiling.  By lowering the ceiling height you are raising the ambient temperature of the room slightly because the area above the sheet will be cooler. If you have a fun tapestry or sheet it might even look accidentally decorative!

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

Related image

Folded blankets. (Image courtesy of google images)

While this picture may be a bit over the top, having a plethora of blankets to layer on your bed and on yourself will ensure you stay warm!

Whether its adding more rugs, insulating windows, or layering up with blankets, there are plenty of ways you can stay warm this winter! Keep on the bright side, spring is only a couple months away!



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