5 Tips for Surviving Finals Sustainably

For many, surviving finals means locking oneself in the corner of a room lit by florescent bulbs, surrounded by cans of soda to stay awake, and sifting through page after page of study materials while trying not to drown in anxiety. With everything that is piled on your plate, sustainability is often the furthest thing from your mind; because of this, many habits during finals end up being unsustainable and some even result in more stress. Here are 5 eco-friendly tips to help keep you sane during Knox finals!

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Meatless Monday


S4S members Gregg Miller and Luba Liubvina table for the first Meatless Monday event of the school year. (Image by Hannah McCullough)

One Monday each term the Knox cafeteria serves vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the students. While this meat-free trend does not extend to the Oak Room, Grab n’ Go, or the Gizmo, the name “Meatless Monday” is a well known phrase to the students on campus. Whether hearing this phrase is met with excitement or frustration, the students have recognized it as a fixed event once a term.

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Weigh the Waste Campaign


A Knox student scrapes their plate with the help of  volunteer  Jason Connell.

The Knox Food Recovery Network (FRN) is one of the many sustainability oriented clubs on campus. Monday thru Friday FRN delivers food from the Knox cafeteria to those in need in the Galesburg community. The food ranges from pastas and vegetables to soups and casseroles, all of which are freshly prepared meals that simply never make it to the buffet line. This food would otherwise be composted or thrown away, instead it is able to feed hundreds each week. Since the club officially started last winter, FRN has recorded saving over 14,000 pounds of recovered food. Aside from just helping recover food on campus, the club also has goals to reduce food waste overall. One way the club has pursued this goal was through their “Weigh the Waste” campaign.

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