Knox Share Shop News

Making your way to the Share Shop requires going down the stairs attached to Conger Neal and traversing a long, low lit hallway. This might be an apprehensive endeavor for those new to Knox, but once they arrive make it to the Share Shop, they won’t be disappointed. The space is filled with treasures of all sorts, ranging from clothes and shoes to coffee makers and textbooks. All of which are in great condition and had it not been for their reallocation, would have been tossed to the curb. With each move out at the end of the school year, many possessions are deemed unnecessary to return home with their owners. These lonely goods are then given a new home in the Share Shop!

To students at Knox, the “Share Shop,” formerly “Free Store,”  is a frequently visited and well utilized campus attraction. More often than not, students will breeze in to drop off unused clothing, shoes, and miscellaneous items, only to leave with bags filled with “new” treasures. While the Share Shop does have its frequent customers, the fact that its location, in the basement of Conger Neal in the Quads, is off the beaten path doesn’t help it stand out. The Students for Sustainability club, who manage the shop, is working to get the word out about the  hours and location to attract more visitors.

Almost all of the customers are students, and the members of Students for Sustainability want to make it known that this isn’t the only demographic who can use the Shop. The Share Shop is open to all members of the Knox community; faculty and staff are more than welcome to “shop” there too!

To add to the efforts of trying to attract more visitors to the Share Shop, Students for Sustainability has been working more on organizing the space. There are now three new shoe racks to better display the footwear, all the jeans are organized by size, and the donation area is better labeled and displayed. The club also hopes to better organize the clothes, books, and remaining donations in their future cleanup efforts. 

The Share Shop is an eco-friendly solution to mitigating material waste on the Knox campus. Not only that, but it’s a fun attraction for all members of the Knox community to visit and find new possessions without having to pay a dime to the big businesses.  So if you find yourself in the market for a new jacket, mug, or pair of sneakers, before rushing off to the store, maybe give a quick look in the Share Shop!

Open Hours: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4-6:30pm.



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