Sustainable Halloween

Speaking of the Share Shop… with Halloween  just a few days away, the Share Shop is the perfect place to start your costume search.  Before you rush off to buy one from the store, with just a little creativity and a trip to the Share Shop you’ll have the perfect costume. Consider these creative up-cycled options as inspiration for having a more sustainable Halloween this year!

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Knox Share Shop News

Making your way to the Share Shop requires going down the stairs attached to Conger Neal and traversing a long, low lit hallway. This might be an apprehensive endeavor for those new to Knox, but once they arrive make it to the Share Shop, they won’t be disappointed. The space is filled with treasures of all sorts, ranging from clothes and shoes to coffee makers and textbooks. All of which are in great condition and had it not been for their reallocation, would have been tossed to the curb. With each move out at the end of the school year, many possessions are deemed unnecessary to return home with their owners. These lonely goods are then given a new home in the Share Shop!

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