February: Recycling at Knox (part I)

Is this recyclable?” – This is a question you may have asked yourself recently.  A more accurate question would be “can I recycle this here?”  The recycling program in your neighborhood may not mirror the one here at Knox.  Proximity to different types of sorting facilities, access to commodity markets, and companies’ willingness to adopt different recovery strategies, ultimately determine the kinds of materials you can and can’t recycle in a given location.

Knox has been slowly increasing the types of items we can recycle.  In fact, a handy guide for everyone on campus can be found here.  Not only do we have a “single-stream” recycling system that accepts many of the items you typically recycle at home; we also have adopted recycling programs for books, ink and toner cartridges, batteries, media discs, electronics, and more.  The topic of our February Newletter is “Recycling at Knox (part I).”  Read on to learn more!

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